Death Path is a card and dice game where 2 or more "Subjects" race to the end of a deadly maze.

What is Death Path?


In the not too distant future of 2100, the United States has gone from democracy to dictatorship to full police state. In 2088, they passed the ironically titled, Freedom Directive, which gave the Government the complete and unopposed authority to do as they please in the name of “safety for all citizens”. Right were taken away to make the masses feel at ease whether they agreed or not. The Government has now assumed power and control over all of North, Central, and South America. It’s not over. By 2150, total world domination is planned, but it will take soldiers.

The only recreational activity the Government allows is called the Death Path. The Death Path takes the entertainment and brutality of a gladiatorial fighting pit and combines it with a violent maze of survival for Citizens to watch on their holo-terminals. Subjects are chosen by select Government operatives based on the changes of their survival.

While navigating through a Death Path, the Subjects may encounter other Subjects and be forced to Fight against them. The two ways a Fight will end is after 3 rounds, or someone dies. Simple rules. This activity brings much joy to the Government and their Citizens. A Subject could injure another enough for them to take the lead to navigate through the Death Path, or just kill them outright!

Subjects may also encounter various “Pathfinders”, simple robots who look like humans. They are there to not only disrupt their mission, but to put these Subjects through even more rigorous testing. During their journey through the Death Path, they will have many options when it comes to areas of the maze which present multiple routes. They may end up finding better weapons or even a Hidden Path which could help them reach the end of the Death Path before the others. They may also find themselves in the unfortunate situation of going in circles ending up even farther from the end!

What is the end result of the Death Path? The Subjects get to live. And the Government gets new recruits for their impending war for control of the world. See...everyone wins! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Tabletop games inevitably get to the point where the gaming community are asking questions that aren't covered in the rules, or the not covered on the last page of the rulebook labeled "Death Path: Declassified".

And for that, we thank you!

It's great to know what people enjoy a game so much that they uncover situations that need clarification and take the time to ask those questions. 

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