Death Path PROTOTYPE Gameplay / RULES Video (8.6.17)

Death Path, the card and dice game from Zlurpcast Studios set in the near future takes Subjects, Zo Joxxer, and Mizzy Pazzone (as played by JP and Heather in this video) and puts them into a fearsome maze they are forced to navigate through. Or die trying.... 

Death Path Kickstarter Teaser Video (8.14.17)

Huge thanks to everyone who backed Death Path on Kickstarter. Your names are on the rulebook and we couldn't have done it without out!  Props to Bryce Walter and his team at for producing this awesome video!  

Death Path Sample Game Unboxing (9.4.18)

This is Jonny P with Zlurpcast Studios LLC. Here's an unboxing video showing most of the contents of our first game, Death Path. This is only the sample game from the manufacturer so expect it to have more stuff when the retail and Kickstarter versions come out!  Stay in the loop on social media @deathpathgame and at

Death Path Dice Breakdown (4.18.19)

We've gotten a few questions about the dice in the game. The rulebook really only talks about the dice and components from the base game.  Since there are other Subject class dice and other weapon dice out there from the various add-ons, we put together this video to hopefully answer some of those questions.

Death Path Unboxing from Family of Gamers 7777 (4.26.19)

Andrew and Coach allowed us into their channel when Death Path was live on Kickstarter to help us generate some more backers. Now they've got the game and wanted to show off the components in the base game plus Kickstarter extras.